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used for professional illustration in many and diverse fields such as industrial design drawing of storyboards cinema sets comics fashion designs concept cars and of course to create digital art, ios version history wikipedia - june 2007 saw the official release of what eventually became ios concurrently with the first iphone ios did not have an official name until the official release of the iphone software development kit on march 6 2008 before then apple marketing simply stated that iphone ran a version of mac os x made specifically for iphone when ios was introduced it was named iphone os, kindle fire root new 6 2 1 windows mac linux - after amazon updated kindle fire to version 6 2 1 the older root method stopped working but no worries there s a new root method in town this one is also very easy to do and works on windows mac and linux, topic apple articles on engadget - apple s new sites will let it keep a close eye on microsoft amazon and qualcomm, def con 18 hacking conference speakers - 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